Shirt Laundry Services in Joliet & Surrounding Communities

Pinstriped dress shirt

Central Discount Cleaners also provides shirt laundry service in Joliet. This service covers all types of men’s button down dress shirts. Our cleaners work with materials such as cotton, polyester, wool, and blended fabrics. We will wash the shirt regularly using a gentle laundry soap, followed by pressing the shirts, folding them, and putting them on hangers. We can also fold the shirt and add starch to it. Our cleaners will ask for your starch preferences and save you time getting out the door, wrinkle-free.

We can provide a one day turnaround on men’s business shirts for $1.50 each. Every item is expertly laundered and pressed. Stop in and ask about our shirt laundry Wednesday and Thursday special.

Main plant: 1120 Richards St.Joliet, IL 60433