Dry Cleaning in Joliet & Surrounding Communities

Central Discount Cleaners in Joliet provides a wide range of dry cleaning services to meet your needs.

Dry Cleaning

woman with dry cleaning

Our cleaning company provides general dry cleaning services for all standard garments, ranging from button down shirts to dress pants, jeans, and formalwear. Our experienced cleaners know the correct techniques and cleaning solutions to use for the type of fabric you bring in, including cotton, suede, velvet, silk, corduroy, wool, polyester, and more. Whether you have one important piece you need cleaned or an entire wardrobe, we can accommodate you with quick turnaround times.

Household Items

pillows and blankets on bed

We also dry clean household items, including throw pillows, blankets, drapery, throw rugs, and other types of window coverings. We will remove all the dust that has collected and leave these items smelling clean and looking their best.


leather jacket

Central Discount Cleaners also works with leather items to condition them, including jackets, vests, pants, and more. We use a gentle brush to scrub away any dirt and follow with a moisturizing balm to smooth any cracks or wrinkles while adding shine back into the leather material.


Suede clothing

Suede requires special care due to its thick, smooth fibrous nature. With suede, we use a specialty brush and suede cleaning solution to remove set-in stains without damaging the fabric. Bring in your jackets, vests, boots, and more and our professional team will clean them for you thoroughly.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Wedding gowns

Preserve your wedding gown for years to come with our wedding gown preservation services. This includes packaging it in acid-free paper and wrapping each fold with this paper inside an airtight box. Before we box the dress, we clean it and reattach loose beads or threads to ensure it is in mint condition when you take it out and use it again.


persian rugs

Our dry cleaning services also include area and throw rugs. We remove all dirt and dust, along with stains from any type of rug you have. Whether you need one rug cleaned or want to bring in each rug in your home, our professional cleaners at Central Discount Cleaners will be able to meet your needs.

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